vineri, 7 decembrie 2012

Beer VS. Women

Iată ce am găsit zilele trecute hoinărind pe internet.

Beer VS. Women:

*A BEER is always wet... point for the BEER!
*The BEER is horrible if its hot... point for the WOMAN!
*A frozen BEER satisfies you... point for the BEER!
*If you return to your house smelling to BEER, your woman can get angry, but If you arrive at house smelling to WOMEN, your woman will be angry for sure and she can maybe left you... Tie!... since it depends of the point of view. Wink
*Ten BEERS in one night and later you wont be able to drive to yourhouse. Ten WOMEN in one night and there is no need to go nowhere else... point for the WOMAN.
*If a police feels that you smell like BEER, he can arrest you, if the police feels that you smell like WOMEN he will invite you a beer.. point for the WOMAN!
*The beer, while is older is better... point for the BEER!
*Many BEERS can make you see UFOs, many WOMEN can make you see God... point for the WOMAN!
*If you ask yourself how will be your next WOMAN you are normal. If you ask yourself how will be your next BEER, you are an alcoholic man... point for the WOMAN!
*Taking off the label of a BEER is amused. Taking off the trousers of a WOMAN is so much amused... point for the WOMAN!
*You pay taxes for beer... point for the WOMAN.
*If you take another BEER, first one does not get angry... point for the BEER!
*You can assure that you are first in "opening" a BEER... point for the BEER!
*If you shake a BEER, after awhile calms for itself... point for the BEER!
*Clear, dark, at any time you can choose the BEER that you want... point for the BEER!
*You know exactly how much it will cost you a BEER... point for the BEER!
*The BEER doesnt have a mother... point for the BEER!
*You can do it if you want, but a BEER will not request to hug or embrace it during half hour after you have taken it... point for the BEER!

FINAL SCORE: The BEER wins the battle! (10 to 7)

**If you are a WOMAN and at this moment this is making you feel angry, remember that the beer doesn't care about this battle... Another point for the BEER!

Let's go to celebrate the victory with the winner.

6 comentarii:

Ciprian Enciu spunea...

Clar Beeer :)) WINNER :X

Unknown spunea...

@Ciprian Enciu
Chiar si eu sunt de acord:))

Zdwuby spunea...

=)) prea tare chestia asta :))si daca tot ne'am hotarat ce si cum...hai la o bere :))

Unknown spunea...

Chiar ca ar fi buna o bere acum;)

Zdwuby spunea...

Sau un vin fiert sa fie mai de sezon :))

Unknown spunea...

@ Zdwuby
Mult mai bun, chiar am inceput sezonul cu vin fiert;-)

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